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Q: If I do not own a set of clubs, are there any at the facility that can be provided?
A: Yes, it is limited and we do not have rental sets but we can complete a lesson with the selection of clubs we have at Northcrest Driving Range.

Q: Is there a place to change at the facility?
A: Yes, Northcrest has bathrooms for you to use and are available if you’re coming after work or don’t have time to run home.

Q: Do you re-grip clubs?
A: Yes, you can have your clubs re-gripped the same day of your lesson! Anywhere from $7-$14 per club for grip and installation.

Q: Is there merchandise for sale at the facility?
A: Yes, limited merchandise, alignment sticks, practice balls, and various other training aids are in stock. Stop by and take a look!

Q: How should I pay for my lesson?
A: Paypal, Debit/Credit card, check or cash. Paypal is located under the lessons tab at the bottom of the page, debit/credit card can be brought with you to your first session.

Q: Should I take lessons twice a week as a beginner?
A: No, If your just starting off in golf it takes time and muscle memory in order to adapt to the technique. Be it grip, how to aim, and mastering your setup. I recommend taking a lesson, practicing what we covered for week to get the “feel” and once you have it down come back so we can cover new material.