3 Keys for Getting Out of the Sand

Open the Clubface:
When you have trouble getting out of the sand and notice that your club gets stuck on the downswing, chances are we are not using the club head correctly. If we are hitting a greenside bunker shot then we want the ball to land soft which means the trajectory would be higher. To achieve this we must open the face angle of the club to utilize the bounce. This will allow the club to flow through the sand and not get stuck.

Open Stance:
Let say we open our club face 5 degrees. If we setup parallel to the target line and your face is open guess where the ball is going? All we need to do here is open your stance to compensate for the open face. When you setup correctly, the face of the club in its open position will be looking at where you want the ball to end up. Your feet, knees, hips and shoulders should face to the left of this line forming a slightly tilted “V”.

Angle of Attack:
How we want the club to strike the ball here plays a huge roll in the outcome of your shot and while playing from the sand we need a lot of wrist hinge to really get the club going vertically as quick as possible. From here with your stance being open we can simply swing the club down along the line of your feet which will give you a sensation of swinging across the ball. What we want is for the club to really cut through the sand and not dig hence why we open the face to utilize the bounce which is designed to do just that.

Give these keys a try and never fear being in the bunker again!!