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Methods of Teaching Certified through the PGA of America!

You can be completely confident in the level of instruction we provide, as we offer lessons from an instructor certified in methods of teaching through the PGA of America.


Professional coaching designed to improve your game dramatically!

golf academy of america

  • Swing evaluation and fundamentals for real results!

  • Getting off the tee with longer and straighter drives!

  • Fairway and bunker play with improved confidence!

  • Short game tips for tight pins and tricky greens!

  • Solid Putting instruction for lower scores!

v1 digital coaching system

We offer V1 Video Swing Analysis!

The V1 video swing analysis includes:

  • A frame by frame analysis of your swing.
  • Corrections and suggestions to improve your swing.
  • Drills to help enforce what you have learned.

GreenLifeGolf is currently accepting students and offers a wide variety of lessons and coaching that will have you shaving off strokes in no time!

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