The Most Important Tip to Hitting the Driver

Setup is key depending on what type of shot you are trying to execute. When hitting a driver, we want the center line of your body to be positioned behind the ball to ensure we contact the ball on the upswing. We also want our shoulders to have a slight tilt so the swing bottoms out on the arc sooner to better the chances at hitting the ball on the upswing.

Don’t always reach for the driver when approaching a tee box, instead play for the landing area that will give you the best shot into the green. In all the pro-ams I have played in, the two common things amateurs do is grab the driver on every hole, no matter the length, and pull out the sand wedge from just off the green. You have 14 clubs, don’t limit yourself to just a few in certain scenarios. Play to your strengths.

Justin Thomas Pressure